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Valeria the She-Bat 1 (Acetate, Glow in the Dark)
Valeria the She-Bat #1
(Retailer Incentive)
 May 1993 1
Valeria the She-Bat 1 (White, No Foil)
Valeria the She-Bat #1
(Promotional, no foil) 
May 1993 3 
  Valeria the She-Bat 1 (Gold Foil) 
Valeria the She-Bat #1
(Gold Foil Deathmate Logo, typically signed) 
May 1993 5
Valeria the She-Bat 1 (Red Foil) 
Valeria the She-Bat #1
(Diamond Promotional Giveaway 
w/Red Foil Deathmate Logo, typically signed) 
May 1993 2    
Valeria the She-Bat 5 
Valeria the She-Bat #5 
November 1993 4 
 1 This comic was a free incentive comic available to all retailers ordering Continuity Comics for the Deathwatch 2000 crossover series. It was later solicited through Diamond Distribution with a $10 retail price. This comic has also appeared in dollar stores that are not known for selling comics.
 2 This comic cover has a red foil Deathmate logo and date on it. The date on the cover is June 1993. The image scanned is hand signed by Neal Adams and was distributed at a Diamond Retailer show.
 3 This comic is does not have a red foil logo. The acquisition of this comic was arranged at a Diamond Retailer show. It was part of an incentive package for retailers and should be more common than the one with the red foil treatment.
 4 The art in this comic is reworked art which had been intended for use in the Spawn/Valeria the She-Bat crossover. The Spawn/Valeria crossover was intended to appear in Valeria the She-Bat #3 which never shipped. The original versions of that page can be seen in Comics Debut #1.
5 No further information is available.


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